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Education & HRD Programmes
Graduate technology Course in Packaging
            -- Part Time
            -- Distance Education
Post-graduate Diploma in Packaging Science and Technology
Packaging Management Programme
Hands-on Laboratory Training - Company / Product / Material-oriented
Industry Specific Programmes - Industry / Product / Material-oriented
Industries - Potential Scope
Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Toiletries, Fresh Foods, Processed Foods, Textiles, Engineering, Electronics, Automobile Parts, Lubricants, Handicrafts, Chemicals, Contract Packaging, Machinery manufacturers, Packaging Material Suppliers, Converters, and R&D Establishments/Institutions and a score of others to name a few!!!

Packaging Technologist-Potential Fields:
  • Packaging Development
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Materials Management, Procurement
  • Research & Development
  • Service
  • Design/Innovation in Packaging material/Form/Machinery in Professional capacities of Engineers, Technologists, Officers, Executives & Managers
Career Prospect :
Packaging as a career:
Packaging is an all Pervasive Field. Virtually every product needs packaging, making packaging a definite activity in all industries. - A landmark for Career Potential.
  • Mass Consumption and GlobalCompetition have led global trade to be highly competitive, leading to discriminating market trends. Packaging as an integral part of product & marketing, is the U.S. P.-Super Dynamic Indeed.
  • Survival through Professional Approach Industry has realized that to survive in today's global market, professional approach is the key. Packaging is no exception. Demand for professional packaging technologists is evident
  • Updated Technology and Knowledge to cope with the increased technology for better productivity, knowledge in the field is imperative. Qualified professionals - The Resource.
Programmes move from Grass-root to professional levels blending every nitty-gritty of the dynamics of the Immortal subject of Packaging. The end result is knowledge profited students becoming nucleus for company profits.
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