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Post-Graduate Diploma in Packaging Science & Technology (PGDPST)
Course Details

Course Beginning:
Two Years (4 Semesters)

Last Week of July
Semesters: Semester 1 
Semester 2 
Semester 3 
Semester 4
Aug - Dec.
Jan - Jun.
Jul - Dec.
Jan - May/June.
Objective Tests: Six (50 Marks Each)
3rd Week Sept, Dec, Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec.
Written Tests: Three (Six Papers of 50 Marks Each)
1st Week of Jan, Jul & Dec.
Dissertation: One (100 Marks)
By each Student on Packaging Design/Development and Related Subjects

Group Projects: Project - I: Innovation & Creative Packaging
Final Presentation & Report Submission: 3rd Semester, July
Project - II: Packaging Design/Development and Related Subjects
Final Presentation & Report Submission: 3rd Semester, October
Industry Sponsored with Merit Award
Pass Criteria: 40% in each Paper & Aggregate 50%
Attendance: Minimum 85% Compulsory
Conduct: Good Conduct Inside and Outside the College
Selection Criteria: Minimum Graduate in Science / Engg. / Tech-Pharma, Food, Plastics, Paper, etc., or Diploma in Engg. / Printing and on basis of Merit and Interview.
Intake: 30
Fees: The fee includes Tuition fees, Reading Materials, Projects, Visits, Caution Deposit and Examination fees.
Course Contents 
Concepts in Packaging:
Introduction, Role of Packaging, Status Review of Packaging Industry, etc.
Packaging Development (Factors & Criteria):
Product & Packaging, Material Characteristics, Packaging Evaluation.
Packaging Media (Science, Technology, Manufacture, Conversion, Properties & Applications):
Paper & Board, Fibre Board Boxes, Composite Containers, Drums, Celluloses, Glass, Metal Containers and Components, Polymers and Plastics, Flexible Packaging Materials, Wooden Containers, Crates, IBCs, Flexible & Rigid, Textiles and Jute.
Ancillary Packaging Materials:
Principles and Theory of Adhesion, Adhesive - Materials, Types/Varieties and Properties and Applications, Cushioning Theory, Materials, Types/Varieties and Properties and Applications, Cushion Systems and Design, Corrosion Preventives, Reinforcements, Printing Inks, Coatings and Lacquers, Colorants for Plastics, Labels, Caps, Closures, Wads, Master Batches, etc.
Quality Assessment & Performance Evaluation:
Testing, Significance of Testing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, SQC Techniques, Shelf- life Evaluation, Product Package Compatibility, Migration, Transport-worthiness Testing, Testing of Ancillary Materials, Machine Material Interaction, IMDG, UN / IATA Testing, etc.
Package Printing:
Pre-Press, Printing Processes, Letterpress, Offset, Lithography, Flexography, Gravure, Screen, Pad, Foil Stamping, Digital Printing (InkJet, Thermal),  Computer-to-Plate.  Colour Management, Colour Measurement, etc.
Package Graphics:
Package Design, Role of Graphics, Package Aesthetics, Decoration Aspects, Layout and Feature Selection, etc.
Standardisation, Variety Reduction & Cost Optimisation:
Standards - Objectives & Benefits, Standardisation, Variety Reduction, Packaging Costs & Economics, Value Analysis, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14000-2000, etc.
Product Packaging:
Agricultural Products, Processed Foods, Marine Products, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Soaps & Detergents, Chemicals, Pesticides, Textiles, Handicrafts, Technology & Systems, CAP/ MAP, Vacuum Packaging, Gas Packaging, IQF, Cool and Cold Storage, Freeze Drying.
Packaging Distribution & Marketing:
Distribution, Branding, Retailing, Break Bulks and Unit Load Devices, Palletisation, Containerisation Packaging - a tool for distribution, etc.
Packaging Laws & Regulations:
Legal Metrology, Weights and Measures Laws and Rules, Jute Control Order, Loss Prevention, PFA, FDA, Pollution Control, HACCP, Safety & HSE, etc.
Package Coding & Marking:
Marking & Coding, Bar Coding, Ship Marking, IMDG / IATA Coding, etc.
Package Storage and Handling:
Storage Types, Damage Control, Warehousing and Handling Equipments & Techniques, etc.
Packaging & Environment:
Eco Issues, Wastage Control, Wastage Disposal, Eco Friendly Packaging, etc.
Packaging Machinery:
Principles and Theory of Packaging Machines, Types of Filling Machines, Wrapping Machines, VFFS, HFFS, Thermoform-fill-seal, Bottling Machines, Induction Sealing, Ink Jet Printing, Coding, Capping, Marking, Labelling, on line - end of line systems, shrink and stretch wrapping, cartoning and case packing, etc.
CAD in Packaging:
CAD for Packaging, Structural Design, Role of Structure, Die making, Drawing, Moulds.
Prototypes, Samples, etc.
Engineering & Workshop Technology:
Engineering Drawing, Wood Working, Metal Working, Mechanics, etc.
Management Concepts in Packaging:
Packaging in Organisation Structure, Packaging - Relevance to Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Export Marketing, e-Commerce, Industrial Policy and Packaging, etc.
Specialized Institutional Training:
Specialised Training at the Government Institute of Printing Technology.Specialised Training in Packaging Pre- production Technology, Pre-press, Colour  Management, Colour Measurement and  Structural Design through Esko-Graphics.
Laboratory Training and Prototype Development:
In-Laboratory Training for conducting tests and making prototypes.
Group Projects:
Execution and Presentation of Group Projects covering Packaging Design/ Development, Innovation and Creativity and Related Subjects.
Seminars and Debates:
Participation in Seminars and Debates on Topics of Packaging and Related Subjects.
Individual Dissertation in Packaging and Related Topics.
Industrial and Institutional Visits:
Visits to Industries, Institutions and Exhibitions for a first-hand knowledge.
Industrial Training:
5-6 months Industrial Training.
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