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Industry Specific Programmes Industry / Product / Material-oriented
Course Details & Contents:
SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre offers courses specifically designed to suit the specific needs of the industry. These include Orientation Programmes, Workshops, Seminars of durations ranging from one day to fortnight, short-term programme up to 3 months. These are organised at Conference facilities at SIES SOP or at a select centre / venue or in-plant. SIES SOP also undertakes programmes on related areas to packaging and packaging topics finalised through discussion with the client recipient industry. Some of the identified areas are:
  • Packaging Quality Awareness
  • Packaging Materials Testing, Package Evaluation
  • Quality Management of Packages & Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Cost, Economics
  • Packaging Fundamentals / Principles and Developments
  • Products and Speciality Packaging
  • Laboratory Training - Hands on
  • Packaging Productivity Techniques
  • Packaging - Technology Trends
  • Package - Procurement / Specification Development
  • Packaging - The Effective Distribution Aid
  • Packaging for Marketing
  • Packaging Graphics & Embellishment
The fee component and course details would vary depending on the actual inputs.

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