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South Indian Education Society (SIES) was established in 1932 and is fully devoted to the cause of education, Research, Human resource development and R & D activities. Over the period of  75 years SIES has established education centres in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai covering Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Management, including Pharmaceuticals, Environment, and Packaging Sciece and Technology. Packaging Today is recognized as a need for industrial growth and economic development of the country. An integral component of the system, packaging plays a vital role in the distribution and marketing. With this background SIES SCHOOL OF PACKAGING - PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (SIES SOP PTC)was set up under the umbrella of SIES. The SIES SOP PTC has gained recognition as a reputed Centre of excellence for Packaging education and Training. The PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CENTRE is regarded as one of the most well equipped Technical Centre for Packaging Testing, Research, Development and Advisory Services.
Packaging, today, is recognized as a need for industrial growth and economic development of the country. An integrated component of any system, packaging also plays a vital role in the product distribution and marketing.

Packaging encompasses every conceivable product, material and science. It provides an opportunity to learn and innovate continuously. It is more interesting and challenging as the human race does not want what was yesterday, cannot accept what is today for tomorrow and what is needed for the tomorrow is one's ability to perceive. That probably is the niche - which arouses the curiosity and acts as a catalyst to innovations-materials, forms, processes, technologies and systems. In the current scenario of global competitiveness, the lack of adequate qualified human resource personnel has been identified and needs to be bridged to help product preservation and improved marketability of agri and industrial products.

Packaging will become more dominant with the progress of the time. The trends will be both technology driven and economy driven but in niche areas market driven. Package developments will see more of R&D, as innovations will only provide the answers for many socio-economic, environmental and regulatory issues. It was under this background that the SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre (SIES-SOP/PTC), was set up under the umbrella of SIES, a renowned Educational & Industrial Research Centre, at its sprawling campus at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. It has gained recognition as a centre of excellence and repute for Packaging Education, Training & Technical Services.

The Packaging Technology Centre today, is regarded as one of the most well equipped centre for Package Testing, Research & Development, etc. The programmes and activities of the SIES School of Packaging/ Packaging Technology Centre are streamlined towards Education, Research and Industrial orientation on one hand, and the Social and Societal needs on the other.
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