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SIES School of Packaging/Packaging Technology Centre (SIES-SOP/PTC) has been certified as an ISO 9001-2000 organisation providing services of:
a) Education and Training programmes
b) Laboratory Testing
c) Consultancy Services related to Packaging
Recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research - Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.
Affiliated to the Victoria University of Technology - Melbourne, Australia, one of the leading Packaging Technology Centres in the world with facilities for higher specialized studies in packaging.
Affiliated with Esko-Graphics, leading supplier of packaging pre-production technology, as an authorised training centre for Pre-press and Structural Design.
Associated with Government Institute of Printing Technology, Mumbai (Government of Maharashtra) to offer a crash course and workshop on Printing Technology as a part of the Two-Year Post-Graduate Diploma Course and other Educational and Training endeavours.
Associated with EI DUPONT (India) limited for providing pre-press and printing related services.
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